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EATDRINK Book & Gift Card

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EATDRINK is a celebration of the talented individuals who are doing exceptional things in the Australian hospitality industry and is the realisation of photographer Dean Cambray’s desire to tell their stories.

EATDRINK features a 12 page spread about Bacash including recipes, great food shots and a bio of the Bacash Philosophy. Others featured in the book are Estelle, Annie Smithers, Red Spice Road and many more.

Tapping into his past career as a chef in Michelin starred restaurant’s and award winning restaurateur, Dean wished to take his passion or food and photography in a new direction letting his camera tell the story as much as words, if not more so.

Dean says:
“It’s gratifying to be trusted,” he says. “When you’re photographing a chef’s food or someone’s product, it’s a very personal thing. It’s very important to them that I respect the fact I’m representing someone’s business and ideas”.

What a perfect gift idea. Choose an EATDRINK and Bacash Restaurant gift certificate combination for your loved ones this Christmas.


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